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Soda Springs Phosphate had it's beginning in 1968.  It began with a small pelletization plant that took raw phosphate ore from nearby deposits and processed it into an 0-20-0 phosphate fertilizer for general agricultural use.  In 1986 we made the transition from conventional to organic fertilizer production.  With that transition came different products like Black Gold Phosphate and Pelletized Gypsum.  In 2003, Soda Springs Phosphate was sold to a new owner and the addition of a small bagging facility was added to produce bags from 40-50 pounds and also totes from 1000-2200 pounds.  Ida Gro Pelletized Chicken Compost was also added to our product line in the coming year.  In 2012 a test farm was procured to field test our products and other possible products that may be added to our line.  The farm consists of 1200 irrigated and dry farm acres and approximately 1200 pasture acres and sits at about 6100 feet in elevation.  Crops grown consist of wheat, barley, sanfoin hay, alfalfa hay, green peas, oats, quinoa, orchard grass, and potatoes with sheep and cattle on grazing ground.  We are having fantastic results and some challenges.  We continue to look for ways to improve the soil and produce healthier, more efficient crops (and beat the weather at 6100 feet).  In the coming years we hope to introduce a new higher-carbon phosphate, gypsum, and compost product that follows the concept of the terra preta soils.  It is in the field test stages today.  We hope you enjoy our site and we appreciate your business and your friendship.

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