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Raw phosphate ore is extracted from a mine near Montpelier, Idaho.  The process is simple and requires minimal machinery.

Fertilizer products can either be loaded directly into a truck, or they can be bagged and loaded on pallets.  Large totes ranging from 1000-2200 lbs are available as well as smaller bags such as these 40 lb bags of pelletized gypsum.

This 1200 acre farm has been used to test our products since we acquired it in 2012.  We have seen outstanding improvements in soil quality each year.

At 6100 ft of elevation, the weather makes it extremely difficult to successfully harvest a third crop of hay.  This healthy third crop of alfalfa has been grown where, historically, it has been next to impossible.

Our first (pictured) and second crops have also shown outstanding results.  Both have tested with a relative feed value of more than 180 while producing a high yield of hay.

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